About me

I am an Assistant Professor at Kansas State University in the Department of Kinesiology, director of the Digital Physical Activity Laboratory, and contributing faculty to the MPH, MS and PhD programs in Kinesiology with emphasis in Public Health Physical Activity. In 2012 I earned my PhD in Kinesiology from Michigan State University under the mentoring of Dr. Deborah Feltz. Here I was research assistant and project manager in the Health Games Laboratory. I specialized in the psychosocial aspects of sport and physical activity with a concentration in group dynamics.

My research interests are in studying motivational processes in interpersonal contexts, particularly in group settings, and examining how to best intervene on those processes, especially using digital technology, to promote physical activity (see recent news story on this work).

2 responses to “About me

  1. Hi Brandon, read your interview in HBR “If you want to motivate someone shut up already”. Really enjoyed it as we see the same thing in our consulting work. We often advise leaders to use the “power of silence” to get their results across, and they have had great success. I will keep tuned in to your research.

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