I am best positioned to collaborate on projects that can benefit from laboratory testing of questions and hypotheses regarding basic motivational processes in interpersonal contexts (e.g., dyads/small groups). I am also well positioned to field test social approaches to physical activity promotion (e.g., buddy systems, group-based physical activity), develop and/or test digital technologies to assist in this process (e.g., social media), and assess biomarkers of improved health via my lab space in the Physical Activity and Nutrition Clinical Research Laboratory at here at K-State.

Prospective graduate students

I am currently seeking graduate students at the MS (Kinesiology), MPH, and PhD (Kinesiology) levels to contribute to the Digital Physical Activity Laboratory (DPAL). I mentor students who are interested in a social and behavioral science approach to understanding physical activity behavior and using technology-based approaches to promote physical activity.

Undergraduate students

I routinely involve undergraduate students in the research being conducted in the DPAL. Qualified students are typically those with a strong GPA, good interpersonal skills, and who are voraciously curious. If you are an undergraduate student who is interested in gaining research experience in the DPAL, please fill out this questionnaire and I will contact you shortly thereafter:)

Contact info

If you are interested in collaborating or studying with me please feel free to contact me via email to set up a chat:)

  • email: bcirwin[at]
  • twitter: brandonirwin
  • LinkedIn
  • Research Gate
  • Office: (785) 532-0660
  • Fax: (785) 532-6486

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